About us:

Welcome to NinetyVintage!

I'm Simon, 22 years old. Everything started back in 2017, after selling some old clothes of mine. I went to local thrift stores and searched for only the best. I sold few pieces on Vinted until I opened my own online shop. 

2019 I attended my first fair @Mesh&Laces in my Hometown Hannover. 

And that established NinetyVintage!


Ninetyvintage's Goal:

I want to offer you the best look of the finest garments and vintage pieces for the best price. Nothing overpriced, but fresh clothes for everyone !

I'm not a huge company, but Ninetyvintage supports, connects and equips all people which want to be a part of it against the normal fashion mainstream. 

Enjoy your time and find some new vintage pieces for your wardrobe !

Instagram:  @ninetyvintage

Email: ninetyvintage@gmx.de

Info: All clothing pieces are used and has already been worn. The condition is assessed subjectively. If defects are available, please check before buying! I always do my best to clearly present all possible usage tracks. 

Sizes are as accurate as possible, but may differ in some cases. To prevent inaccuracies or dissatisfaction with the order, just contact me. If you have any questions about dimensions or information, please write me on instagram.

I'm always ready to help you out !